Academy Of Singing And Music Students' 'Kiwi' Showcase Wows

08 Aug 2014

Robert Kennedy Howard (pictured left) stepped off the stage at Rotorua’s Mitchell Downs Tavern, having brought the house down singing Six60’s ‘Only To Be’. The song was just one of the kiwi tunes (both covered and original) played by Waiariki’s Certificate in Contemporary Music Performance class lastnight, as part of the qualification’s assessment process.

Having chosen his song due to the hits wide vocal range, we asked Robert how it felt to have live public gigs worked into his studies? “I think it is really awesome aye. That’s what I love about music; it’s performing, live to people.”

Inspired by the likes of Matt Corby and John Mayer, if lastnight’s performance is any indication, Robert is well on his way to his goal of being New Zealand’s own Ed Sheeran. With a motto of ‘Give it 100% or go home’, Robert highlights what he likes about the class so far. “It’s like a family. Say if someone’s doing really bad, someone else will come along, step in and be like ‘Bro are you all good? Come on, I’ll help you out’ and that’s a really good thing.”

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