Self-Confidence Boost A Bonus For Taupo Business Graduate, Renee

04 Feb 2016

“The longer you leave it to enrol, the longer it will take,” says Renee Fletcher, graduate of the Taupo-based Certificate in Business Administration (Level 3 and 4), and the Diploma of Business Studies.

“The last two years have just flown by and I’ve now got all these qualifications that I could have done years ago. People need to not procrastinate and just do it.”

Realising she needed to get qualifications to back up her history of work experience, Renee began juggling raising her family with student life in order to be competitive in the modern job market.

“The self-confidence you get from studying is a big plus. You also teach your kids that you don’t have to stay in one spot, no matter what your age, you can always improve yourself. And that's important.

“I remember my boy saying 'This is hard' about his own assignments, and my response was ‘Just get on with it’. Well once you’re doing assignments of your own, you don’t say that because you know the pressure.”

Valuing her family’s support, through even the craziest of moments, Renee also remains thankful for the connections and backing of her classmates, as well as her tutor, Lovely Painuthara.

“I don’t think I would have handled the transition from working to studying as well as I did without Lovely . She equips and supports you with what you need. She also adapts to each personality in the class, it’s really something.

“Last year, I went through something pretty big personally and the support from Waiariki was amazing - helping me get back onto track and finish what I had started. In the old days I would have just given up.”

With giving up now an idea in the rear-vision mirror, Renee is driving forward. She now looks to continue her studies with the New Zealand Diploma in Business at Rotorua’s Mokoia Campus, specialising in marketing.

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