Agriculture Graduate Shane Boynton Finds Farming Its Own Reward

30 Apr 2015

“That’s just for the cows,” Shane Boynton jokes as I highlight the size of the stereo in the cowshed we are standing next to. “It helps wake us up in the morning.”

As we talk you can see how much he loves his new full-time job on a farm just outside Whakatane. A job made possible by studying the Certificate in Agriculture at his local Waiariki campus.

“Loving being out here in the open spaces – I love it every day,” he smiles. “The course at Waiariki was really good and the tutor Rachel Nash is awesome. I learnt way more on the course than just going out there and finding a job, but skills so by the time I came in to work I could hit the ground running – and that’s pretty much how it worked.”

More than a natural with stock, this gentle giant was a ‘big brother’ to his classmates, rounding the guys up in the morning and helping them get to class, making him a natural fit for the supportive community farming offers.

“Pre-Waiariki I was doing concrete, but I was brought up in agriculture. My father was on a farm down the coast.

"I needed somewhere to go because it wasn’t good in town, so I enrolled and now here I am," Shane states proudly. "Farming gives you a new circle to get involved with too. Already I’ve met a lot of farmers,  a lot of this community - and they are all pretty good people. There’s no way companies in the town or cities just go around and talk or share business ideas like farmers do.”

Advising people out there hesitant to swap the urban life for a rural one, Shane says, “Just do it. My boss is a very good family orientated man, he doesn’t mind if the family comes out, and they really enjoy that. Seeing me out here and getting a break from tpwn life. Who doesn’t want that?”

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