Sonia Mozahid Turns From Waiariki Student To Tutor

14 Dec 2015

For most people, balancing parenting with full-time study is enough of a juggling act, however Postgraduate Diploma in Management student, Sonia Mozahid has taken that challenge one step further, by stepping up to teach personal and interpersonal communication as part of our Summer Semester programme.

“It is very important in life to have support from your family,” reasons Sonia. “Without my husband's help it would not be possible for me to be here, studying and working.

“My 13 month old baby daughter, she is my inspiration. Finding the balance is hard but we make it happen.”

Sonia is honoured that she was offered the ability to teach, just one semester into her current postgraduate course, due to the results of her initial assessments.

Hoping to follow her diploma with a master’s and a PHD, she enjoys the idea of being a lifetime Waiariki student and hopes students of her own will understand the importance of her classes.

“It is very important to have good communication skills, especially living in a multicultural setting like New Zealand.

“For people who find it difficult to communicate, these courses offer basic communication skills, both informal and informal, that will really help in getting jobs and achieving success in life.”

"It may only be teaching for summer semester, but for me it is like a dream coming true."

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