Student Voice 2014 Inspires Waiariki Student Representatives

05 Aug 2014

Earlier this month, Wellington was ablaze with international students from across the nation, gathering for Student Voice 2014. The forum allowed the students to exchange their stories about what they are enjoying about learning in New Zealand and to create networks which will help them through their studies and beyond.

This year, Waiariki had two students selected to attend; Vandana Sharma a graduate of the Graduate Diploma in Applied Management (Health) (pictured left) and Clairine Chriszilia of the Diploma in Culinary Arts (pictured right). With the theme for the event “Telling My Story”, we asked the two ladies, how it felt to be selected by Waiariki to attend the popular Education New Zealand event.

“It was amazing! Student Voice 2014 was a very big opportunity for me" Vandana replies. "It was great fun over there and I made new buddies out of strangers. Measuring our story from where we started to where are we are right now was the main focus. There were many international students from all over New Zealand, so sharing our experiences was really great.”

Turning to Clairine, who was taken with the beauty of Wellington, she says “Awesome! I was really happy because Bipul and the international staff at Waiariki nominated me. I feel like I have added many more friends from so many places, and they were all really nice to me - welcoming me to visit their cities in New Zealand.”

And the duo's advice for nominees attending future Student Voice conferences?

Clairine replies “I’d just say enjoy it and be sure to prepare your questions before you come to Wellington. If you want to ask about how to live in New Zealand or other questions, write them down, so when it comes to Student Voice you are already prepared - then you can just enjoy your days spent in Wellington.”

“At Waiariki, Student Voice 2014 has given me more opportunities and I can say, my bright future is here” smiles Vandana. “To future students, I would say ‘Welcome’, we are welcome here and being a part of Waiariki is really great. So all the best and come as soon as possible.”

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