Frequently Asked Questions - Graduation

What do I do if I wish to attend a graduation ceremony?

If you successfully complete a certificate, diploma, degree, or higher level qualification, you automatically become a graduand.

ALL graduands who wish to attend a graduation ceremony must apply by completing the Graduation Application Form online. Only then will you be eligible to attend a graduation awards ceremony to accept your parchment.

Please read the information on the Graduation Application page here before completing the application form:

If you have ANY questions about the graduation process and requirements, get in touch with us immediately. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Are there fees for graduation and what do they include?

There is a fee for all graduands who wish to attend a graduation ceremony. There are two tiers for graduation fees to cover part of the cost incured to hire the academic regalia graduands must wear.

Standard Application Fee Early Bird Fee
Degree and Postgraduate $65 $55
Certificate and Diploma $40 $30
  • If you are graduating with a certificate or diploma, and are not a degree holder from any other institute, you pay $30 with the early bird fee, or $40 with the standard application fee; or
  • If you are graduating with a degree or higher level qualification, you pay $55 with early bird fee or, $65 with the standard application fee.

How and where do I collect my graduation regalia?

Prior to graduation day, the Graduation Handbook, letter and requested guest tickets will be delivered to all graduands who completed the Graduation Application Form by the deadline. The handbook will provide instructions on where and when to collect the regalia you have hired.

Regalia pick up this year:
Where: TBA
When: TBA
Time: TBA

Collecting your regalia requires:

  • Full payment of the graduation fee;
  • Your student ID, passport, or NZ driver’s licence as photo identification; and
  • Your graduation letter with your regalia details ordered.

Can a friend or family member collect my regalia?

Yes they may, as long as they have the payment required and the graduation letter with your name and regalia details.

I’m from out of town, how do I collect my regalia?

If you are unable to collect your regalia on Wednesday, 5 April, it can be collected before your ceremony at Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre. Please refer to your Graduation Handbook for instructions; collection times are limited.

How do I get tickets for my family and friends?

Graduands are allowed two (2) free guest tickets, and the opportunity to purchase two (2) additional guest tickets at $10 per ticket.

These tickets MUST be requested on the Graduation Application Form. If you do not request these tickets on your application form, you may miss out due to limited seating at the graduation ceremony venue.

Graduands do NOT need a ticket for themselves. All guests aged 3 and older require a ticket to the graduation awards ceremony.

Tickets are not required for the pohiri and farewell at Tangatarua Marae, or the graduation procession.

We can not guarantee additional tickets will become available on or prior to the event.

There is no refund for tickets not used.

What if I need more than four (4) tickets for my family and friends?

If seats remain available at the ceremony venue, we will offer the additional tickets* for purchase at $10 each on a first-come, first-served basis until they are sold out. Keep an eye on the Toi Ohomai Rotorua Graduation Events Facebook page for an announcement if and when tickets become available.

Extra tickets, if available, can be purchased through the cashier for Rotorua graduands, and through the campus administrators in Taupo, Tokoroa and Whakatane.

We suggest asking your classmates and other students if they have extra tickets and make an arrangement with them.

Can I sit with my family and friends during the ceremony?

All graduands are seated together in a particular order near the front of the venue. Your family and friends will be seated further back. We ask that graduands do not sit with or cross the stage with their children or other family members unless they are there to physically assist.

If you require assistance in this manner, please email the graduation team to arrange this for you.

Please advise your family and friends that seating is NOT assigned and is limited, so early arrival and seat selected is recommended, particularly for large groups who wish to sit together.

Are photos allowed during graduation events?

Yes, we encourage photography during the all graduation events, however, we ask that guests be considerate of those around them and remain seated during the events while photographing them.

A professional photographer has been hired to take a photo of every graduate as he or she is conferred on stage. Family portraits are available for a fee at each awards ceremony.

If you have any other questions, requests or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the graduation coordinator and we will endeavour to assist you as soon as possible during business hours.

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Page last updated: 11 Jul 2017