Graduation Regalia

How to wear your regalia

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What do you wear to the graduation ceremony?

All graduands are required to wear the formal academic regalia for all graduation events (pohiri, procession, and awards ceremony). When you complete your graduation application, you'll be asked to include your height and head circumference (in centimetres), so have a measuring tape handy.

Regalia must be hired through us using the graduation application form. This is also where you select your desired number of free and purchased guest tickets.

Regalia type and colours vary depending on the highest qualification you have completed, whether through Toi Ohomai or a previously attended institute.

  • Recipients or holders* of a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, wear a hood over the  academic gown, with a trencher or mortar board on their head;
  • Diploma recipients wear a stole over the academic gown; and
  • Certificate recipients wear the academic gown only.

*If you have been awarded a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification from a different institution prior to your studies at Toi Ohomai, you have a choice to wear the academic gown, hood and trencher, even if you are being awarded a diploma or certificate this time. Please note a higher fee applies if you wish to do so.

We encourage you to wear your family korowai and/or other culturally appropriate adornment over your regalia.

As the pohiri and awards ceremonies are formal occasions, we ask that graduands wear smart-casual clothing and shoes. At times throughout the events, you may be standing for some time or walking on various surfaces such as streets, grass lawns, stairs and a wooden stage. We suggest footwear that is secure and comfortable for several hours.

Where and when to collect your regalia

We will send a Graduation Handbook, letter, and any tickets requested to all graduands who applied by the deadline. Refer to the handbook for regalia pick up and drop off instructions and locations.

Collecting your regalia requires:

  • Full payment of your graduation fee;
  • Your student ID, passport, or NZ driver’s licence as photo identification; and
  • Your graduation letter that shows your regalia order.

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Returning your regalia

All graduates are to return their regalia at the ceremony venue following the ceremony.

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Page last updated: 11 Jul 2017