Cost Guide

Indicative Costs of Living

The sample items below have been chosen to provide you with an understanding of some of the day-to-day costs associated with living in Rotorua.*

Item Price Item Price
Take-out Pizza $7-20 Bread (loaf) $2-4
Milk (litre) $3-4 Petrol (fluctuates) per litre $2-2.25
Taxi/km ride $3-5 Pair of Levi jeans $160
Bus ride in and around Rotorua (with student ID) FREE Woollen sweater/jersey $50-150
Movie ticket $13 T-shirt $35-100
Going out for dinner $30-60 Hair cut male $15-45
Shampoo $5-25 Hair cut and blow-wave female $40-65
Toothpaste $2-9 Visit to doctor $50-85
Coffee/Cappuccino/Latte $3-6 Visit to dentist $75-300
Beer 375ml from supermarket $3-5 Coca Cola 600ml $3-4
Beer 375ml from bar $6-8 McDonald’s Big Mac $7

*Costs are approximate and relevant to Rotorua; they may change due to economic and/or regional factors.

Cost Guide

For a comparatively low cost our students receive an excellent education and quality lifestyle.

Cost for one year (40 weeks)

Study Costs NZ $
Tuition fees (approximate, depending on qualification) $20,500
Study-related costs (textbooks) $800-1,600
One-time administration fee $150
Auckland airport shuttle $125
Rotorua airport shuttle $25
Medical and travel insurance $560
Waiariki Recreation Centre annual fee (optional) $100
Homestay ($195 per week) $7,800
Waiariki House (starting from $135 per week) $5,400
Transport via Rotorua Cityride buses (saving you approximately NZ$2,500) $ FREE
The total cost of study in Rotorua for a year (40 weeks) will be approximately $36,000

Page last updated: 02 May 2017