How to Make an International Student Application

Obtain an application form from one of the following sources:

Please attach with your application the following verified documents*:

  • High school certificates or diplomas
  • Results from last year at school
  • Academic record from your university or previous tertiary provider
  • Photocopy the front page of your passport with your photo ID and details
  • IELTS or TOEFL results, or other evidence of English language proficiency

*Please do not send original documents as we take no responsibility for lost documents. Take your original documents to one of the following for verification: Notary Public, or Authorised Education Agent, or New Zealand Consulate or Embassy.

You can email your application form and verified documents in PDF format to OR, if you prefer, you can send your application and verified documents to our postal address.

Your application will be assessed and a Letter of Offer sent to successful applicants.

Please sign and return the Acceptance Letter to the International Centre.

You should then apply to the nearest Immigration New Zealand office to see if you need to obtain a Visa in Principle before paying your fees.

Fees payment

Applicants living overseas, make your payment of fees to Toi Ohomai once your visa has been approved in principle from Immigration New Zealand. Applicants currently living in New Zealand pay your fees directly to Toi Ohomai.

Once your payment of fees is made, please email a copy of your telegraphic transfer to
Once we receive your payment we will forward to you and/or your education agent a receipt to confirm your payment. If you request, we will also email a copy to Immigration New Zealand.

Send your receipt to the Immigration Service section of the New Zealand Embassy to obtain your Student Visa.

Once you have received your Student Visa, you can start making your travel arrangements to come to New Zealand.

  • When your travel arrangements have been booked and confirmed please send a copy of your travel itinerary by fax or email to the International Centre
  • If you or your agent have requested transport, we will arrange your airport pickup and confirm your accommodation details.

International Centre Contact Details

Page last updated: 26 Sep 2017