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Your friends on campus - students supporting students

Our mission is to represent the issues and concerns of all members at a local, regional and national level.

  • Representation - Making sure your voice counts
  • Welfare - Looking after mind, body and soul
  • Experience - Making the most of your membership

The Students’ Association (WITSA) provides many services and benefits to students, including advice and advocacy, complaints facilitation, and welfare services. There is a common room with microwaves, hot water and telephone and the WITSA shop sells mobile phone top ups, international calling cards, nursing uniforms, fax service, stationery items, laminating, stamps, food and more.

WITSA provides further benefits to its members such as discounted events and activities, equipment hire, student van, and advice and support regarding: budgeting, Work and Income, StudyLink, landlord and tenant responsibilities, employer and employee responsibilities.

Services WITSA offer

Advice and Advocacy

If you need advice or clarification about policies or procedures, if you are uncertain about how things work, or if you would like representation or support, look no further than our students’ association, Student Pulse. Don’t be shy, our students’ association staffers are here to help.

Buddy Programme

Make friends from around the world! Mokoia Campus is buzzing with students from all parts of the world. Most are newcomers to New Zealand so why not sign up to be a buddy for one-on-one exchange and support during the study term?

Learn more about your buddy’s country and culture while you teach them about New Zealand’s.

Class Rep System

The Students’ Association (WITSA) encourages students to be active participants in the processes and structures of the institute. Students can do this by becoming a class rep!

Students who take on this role represent their peers in meetings and discussion forums to help improve the quality of education and campus life for all students. Being a class rep is a great opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills. Training is provided.

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