Library Services

General guidelines for using the library learning centre

Library Learning Centre users are expected to behave in a manner which is compatible with the comfort and convenience of other Library Learning Centre users and staff.

  • No food or drink (a water sipper bottle is OK)
  • Cell phones should be in silent mode or switched off
  • Emergency doors are ALARMED and to be used in emergencies only. Library staff will direct you during these times
  • Please remember to keep voices low so that other students can study
  • If you need to study in groups, please use the group study rooms
  • Computer access is available only to Waiariki students and staff members to use for course related material
  • Users must return to the circulation desk if the alarm is triggered when leaving the library
  • Copyright Act must be followed

This Library Learning Centre is free and available to all current students and staff. A valid ID card is your library card and is required to borrow any item from the library.

For assistance to find resources and information on any topics, ask the Library Reference Desk staff located in the open space area.

Borrowing books

  • 15 books may be borrowed by students at one time, usually for three weeks
  • Journals, magazines, videos, DVDs and CDs can not be borrowed by students. These items can be viewed in the library
  • If you reserve an item, an email will be sent to your email when the item is available for you to collect
  • Staff will assist you at the Library Learning Centre’s reception/issue desk.
  • Two Closed Reserve items can be booked in advance. More can be booked at the end of the day
  • Closed Reserve items are issued after 1pm and must be returned on the due date before 9am
  • An administration fee, an overdue charge, and replacement cost are applied to all lost or damaged items.

Returns or renewing items

  • All items must be received by the library on or before the date stamped on the Date Due Slip
  • Issues can be renewed once (if not reserved). This excludes Closed Reserve items
  • Items can be recalled by the Library Learning Centre Manager at any time. Recalled material must be returned within 24 hours of receiving the recall notice
  • Please return your items to the returns slot in the library. An after-hour returns slot is available at the end of the N Block (near the entrance to the Student Hub)

Overdue fines and damaged items

  • $1.00 per week (excludes Closed Reserve items)
  • Closed Reserve overdue fines are $1.00 per hour up to $5.00 per day
  • If you lose or damage any item, you will be required to pay the replacement cost of that item
  • Students with outstanding library charges will not be eligible to receive their parchments or eligible to apply for graduation


This service provides access to materials not held on site and is available to current students and staff. The centre can request materials from other libraries and organisations within New Zealand or internationally (requires management approval). In some circumstances students may be able to interloan directly. Please ask at the library reception. To request an interloan item:

  • Check the Library Catalogue to ensure the item is not held in the library
  • Complete the interloan form
  • Return or email the completed form to the library reception
  • Failure to collect requested interloans will incur full costs

Distance and regional students

Distance education and regional campus students may request items to be sent to a nearby campus.  A courier service operates three days a week to deliver books to regional campuses. Most books are issued for three weeks. You will be charged fines on overdue materials.
To order material, you will need to email the distance education librarian and provide the following information library:

  1. Title, Author, and the book Call Number
  2. Your name and student ID number
  3. Where you want the materials delivered; specify a regional campus or provide a personal address (if you do not attend any regional campus)
  4. Email the library

Online library catalogue

The library catalogue contains an electronic reference to the items held in the library. The catalogue is available online and is available wherever you can access the internet.

Printing and photocopying

Printing facilities are provided to all users on the understanding that they are familiar with the Copyright Act and accept full responsibility for the consequences of any infringement resulting from their copying.

Wi-Fi coverage

You can connect your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or device to the campus wireless network.

Due to the nature of wireless, there may be some locations within these areas that have no coverage. As there are many different operating systems and wireless adaptors, please consider this information as a guide only, you may need to refer to your laptop's own documentation for detail on how to set this up.

Mokoia Campus Library Learning Centre Contact Details

  • Location:Level 3, N Block, Mokoia Campus
  • Phone:07 346 8805
  • Fax:07 346 8877
  • Hours:Monday–Thursday, 8am–6pm
    Friday, 8am–4.30pm
    Saturday, 9am–12pm
    Monday–Friday, 8am–4.30pm (holiday hours)
  • Web Page:Library (information page)
  • Map:Mokoia Campus Map (533.8 KB updated 02-May-2017)

Page last updated: 02 May 2017