APA Referencing & Study Resources


A citation is a credit or reference to another document or source which identifies reading which has influenced the writer and provides support for the writer’s professional arguments.

Why Reference?

  • To acknowledge the borrowing of ideas, phrases, or other material, giving credit to the original owner of the intellectual property.
  • To avoid intentional or accidental plagiarism.
  • To enable readers to follow up on sources used or to provide feedback about the quality of the work.

For more information on APA Referencing, please refer to the Waiariki APA 6th guide or make an appointment with a librarian.

Online research tools

KnightCite is a web based citation generator hosted by the Calvin College Hekman Library that formats bibliographic information per academic standards for use in research papers and scholarly works. It has become a popular tool for tertiary students seeking help formatting bibliographies and citations. Users simply enter information obtained from an academic source, and the engine automatically delivers the bibliographic reference in the requested format. Make sure you choose the APA citation style.

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