Art & Design in Aotearoa: Mahi Toi, Hoahoa i Aotearoa

    Course details

    • Code: CREA.5103
    • Fee: $740*
    • Level: 5
    • Credits: 15
    • EFTS: 0.125
    • Subject: Art ,
Study optionsFull-time
Time in class35 (approximate total hours)
Work experience30 (approximate total hours)
Offered (indicative)Semester 1
LocationRotorua (Mokoia)
Related programmes New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Design (Level 5);
Bachelor of Creative Technologies;

Course Aim

Students will gain knowledge of New Zealand art and design including influential artists, designers and craftspeople. Students will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge of art and design practices, culminating in the development of a personal design response that reflects their own cultural perspective and references one or more aspects of New Zealand art and design from which they have drawn influence.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and differentiate important and influential New Zealand art, design and craft works.
  2. Compare and contrast the characteristics and works of prominent New Zealand artists and designers.
  3. Incorporate recognisable elements of New Zealand design into an innovative creative design solution.
  4. Research the influence of historical events on art and design in Aotearoa and contextualise this within a creative work.
  5. Develop creative design solutions that are cognisant of traditional Maori design and its protocols.

*Course cost/fee: Indicative standard fee for New Zealand residents only. Fees for non-New Zealand residents will vary, visit the Programmes and Tuition Fees for International Students information page.

*Course cost/fee last updated 13-Dec-2016

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