Enrolment Terms & Conditions

Establishment of Toi Ohomai and how it affects your enrolment

With the establishment of Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology we have adopted new Regulations, Students Code of Conduct and academic policies. These come into effect on 1 January 2017.

For the remainder of 2016 the regulations, codes of conduct, policies and procedures of the institution at which you have enrolled in 2016 continue to apply. These will remain in place until 31 December 2016.

This means if you are a student who originally enrolled at Waiariki Institute of Technology, or Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, or in a programme offered by Waiariki Institute of Technology, or Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, then you will be bound by Waiariki regulations, codes and policies.

Are you changing your enrolment?

If, for any reason, you need to alter or cancel an enrolment, then you must request this in writing by either letter, or email. If you do not understand these terms and conditions, please contact the Mokoia Campus Information Centre in Rotorua, or your faculty or regional administrator, for further explanation.

Enrolment Regulations and Policy Documents

Please read the information below which specifies the terms and conditions of enrolment. This will form an important part of your study agreement and will become legally binding.

Toi-Ohomai-Institute-of-Technology-Regulations-2017-v2.pdf (419.5 KB updated 02-May-2017)


We reserve the right to cancel, postpone, or change the delivery of any programme and/or course, and shall not be liable for any claim other than a claim for the proportion of the course/programme fees which the cancelled portion bears. Some courses and programmes may be dependent upon formal approval, Ministry of Education funding allocation, resource availability and number of enrolments.

Returning students

If you are a returning student, even if it was with us years ago, you should indicate this at the time of your enquiry, or application form.

If you need to enrol in more courses within a programme for which you are already admitted, you will need to make an appointment (if not already arranged prior to the end of your previous enrolment) for that programme.


We support a healthy and safe learning environment where everyone can thrive, therefore, all campuses, sites, and facilities are smoke free.

Toi Ohomai Terms and Conditions 2016

Enrolment policy

I understand, agree and undertake that:

  1. It is my responsibility to meet enrolment requirements (including meeting any entry and admission criteria);
  2. If I do not sign and complete the Enrolment Form correctly, and/or provide the requested documentation, my application for enrolment will not proceed or will be delayed until such requirements are met;
  3. I will abide by the statutes, policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the Institute, including the Waiariki Student Code of Practice;
  4. I will observe all the attendance requirements of my programme as set out in the approved Waiariki or specific programme regulations;
  5. I will notify Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic of any changes to my enrolment, including postal address and contact details. Any changes to my enrolment may have implications on my student loan and/or student allowance entitlements (i.e., a course withdrawal may effect ongoing student allowance eligibility).

Change of details

It is important that we have a record of your current personal details. If you change your name, or contact details, you must let us know by completing the Change of Personal Details Form and attach proof of your name change.

If you change your address or emergency contact details, please complete the Change of Personal Details Form, or collect a form from the Information Centre on our Mokoia Campus, or from your faculty or regional administrator. Back to top ^

Fees, withdrawals and refund policy

I understand, agree and undertake, that:

  1. Immediately upon receiving advice of acceptance onto a programme of study, I will pay the invoiced fees in full before the programme start date. If my fees have not been paid (or any agreed arrangement for payment of fees has not commenced) within two weeks of the programme start date (or the date specified in the programme handbook) a formal debt collection process will be initiated. I will be liable to meet all legal and other collection costs incurred by Waiariki upon taking action to recover any such fees that have not been paid by me;
  2. In the event that my fees will be paid by StudyLink by way of a student loan, or by way of a Training Incentive Allowance (TIA), or by any other third party, I will do everything required by that third party to enable payment of fees in full before my programme enrolment start date;
  3. I will attach to the Enrolment Form an Order or Payment form, or other proof of payment, if my fees will be paid by a third party other than StudyLink. I acknowledge that if I do not do this, my fees will be invoiced directly to me;
  4. I am personally liable to pay the balance of my fees if a third party only pays part of my fees;
  5. I will consider the impact of any enrolment changes to my continuing eligibility to any StudyLink and Visa entitlements and advise StudyLink or Immigration of any changes e.g. withdrawal;
  6. If I withdraw from the programme and/or course/s after the set period, as outlined in the Waiariki Regulations, then I may not receive a refund of my fees paid and I may be liable to an administration fee. The grade to be applied will depend how late you applied to withdraw. I have read and understand the policies relating to fees and withdrawing;
  7. If I do not withdraw in writing from my programme and/or course/s, I will remain liable to pay all invoiced fees and to meet all costs of recovery;
  8. I will not be issued a Waiariki Student ID card until my fees are paid in full or Waiariki receives verification from StudyLink that my fees will be paid or Waiariki agrees and is satisfied with a payment arrangement (including commencing and making regular payments, as agreed). Not receiving a Waiairki Student ID card means I may not be able to access library services and printing services, and my access to classes, other resources and services may be limited. If my programme fees have not been paid in full within two weeks of the programme start date, my access to the Waiariki computer network will be cancelled;
  9. Waiariki will refund fees in full should a programme/course/s on which I am enrolled not proceed for any reason. However, no claims for damages, costs or expenses resulting from the closure of the programme/course/s will be considered by Waiariki;
  10. Should Waiariki owe a refund of all or part of my invoiced fees then that refund shall be repaid to me or, in the case of a student loan arrangement, to StudyLink. Where a third party has paid my fees, the refund shall be repaid directly to that third party (such as an employer);
  11. Should an overpayment occur from money being received by Waiariki from multiple persons or agencies, including StudyLink, the refund shall be repaid to StudyLink in the first instance. No claims for damages, costs or expenses resulting from the close of the programme/course/s will be considered by Waiariki;
  12. A request for a refund of fees that is made outside the allowed timeframe, as stipulated in the Waiariki Regulations, may be re-considered where there are exceptional circumstances, as outlined in Waiariki’s Academic Regulations;
  13. Waiariki may require up to four weeks for the processing of any fee refund;
  14. I will not be eligible to graduate or receive formal recognition of any award until my fees have been paid in full, until all Waiariki resources have been returned (e.g., library books), and there is no debt, monetary or otherwise, outstanding to the Institute;


  1. Prior to or within 10% of the delivery period or two weeks of the start of the course (whichever is lesser), the student will have no academic record for that course and any results achieved will not be retained but a full refund of fees will be allowed, less any applicable administration fees.
  2. Students who attend sporadically or are no shows will be withdrawn from the programme during the first 10% of the delivery period, or the first 2 weeks (whichever is lesser), less any applicable administration fees.

NOTE: The date of application to withdraw from enrolment is the date my completed and correct paperwork is received by Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, not the last day I attend class. Back to top ^

Applying to transfer from a programme or course

A change of programme or course requires discussion with your head of department, course coordinator, or programme area lead. Your faculty or regional administrator can assist you to make appointments. All changes must be made on the official Student Change of Enrolment Withdrawal/Transfer from Programme or Course Form, and then returned to the Information Centre, faculty administrator, or regional administrator.

  • If you elect to transfer from one programme/course to another, your fee for the original programme/course may be credited against the fee for the new programme/course.
  • If course materials have been issued for the original programme/course, this will be assessed as part of any fee transfer.
  • All requests for transfer must be submitted on or before the first two weeks of both the course you are currently enrolled on, and the course to which you wish to transfer.

As withdrawing or transferring to another programme/course may affect your student loan or allowance eligibility, Waiariki requires that you contact StudyLink on 0800 88 99 00 or Freepost 113907, StudyLink Centre, Private Bag 11070, Palmerston North 4442, or www.studylink.govt.nz.

Proof of name, date of birth, and citizenship

Certified copies of the following documents MUST be provided with your enrolment as proof of name, date of birth, and citizenship:

  • New Zealand passport, or overseas passport with Returning Resident’s Visa, and/ or birth certificate stating place of birth. To obtain a birth certificate contact Births, Deaths and Marriages on 0800 225 252. As at April 2014 certificates cost $26.50.
    Forms can be downloaded from www.bdm.govt.nz
  • If your legal name differs from that on your passport or birth certificate then a marriage certificate, deed poll certificate, statement of whakapapa (indicating date of birth) signed by kaumātua, or certificate of citizenship will also need to be provided.

To qualify as a domestic student and to be entitled to the government tuition subsidy, you must be a citizen of New Zealand (including students from the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue). Alternatively, you must prove that you are a permanent resident of New Zealand, or a citizen or permanent resident of Australia residing in New Zealand (for the required period).

What is a certified copy of a document?

A certified copy is a photocopy of your original document, signed as being a true and accurate copy by a:

  • Justice of the Peace (listed in the Yellow Pages);
  • Barrister or Solicitor;
  • Member of Parliament; or
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar of the Courts;

The following information must be included on the copy for it to be a certified copy of an original document:

  • The words “original sighted”;
  • Name, position and signature of person sighting the original document;
  • Date original was sighted; and
  • Stamp or handwritten confirmation of the institution/organisation/name of the person certifying.

Any change to your legal name must be accompanied by certified documentation of either a birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, deed poll certificate or certificate of citizenship.

Please note that your name, date of birth and residency as entered on a Waiariki student enrolment form will be included in the National Student Index, and will be used in an Authorised Information Matching programme with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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ID card photograph

Student identification cards will be issued to all students enrolled on a full-time programme of 12 weeks or longer, or on request for part-time students. In order to receive your ID card you must either have your photograph taken (free of charge at any campus), or provide a passport photograph. If supplying a photo please print your name and date of birth on the reverse and attach to your completed enrolment form. If you are a returning student another photograph is not required.

Privacy of personal information

Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic collects and stores information from our application and enrolment forms to comply with government statutes and regulations. Your information may also be used to determine appropriate programmes of study and for reporting purposes. Your information may be sought from other educational organisations for the purpose of verifying academic records. When required by law, Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic will release information to government agencies as directed. Information may also be disclosed to other agencies, such as (but not limited to) the Ministry of Education, Audit New Zealand, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Ministry of Social Development, Inland Revenue, Immigration New Zealand, Industry Training Organisations, industry licensing and registration bodies, other tertiary institutes, and providers of work experience, where applicable.

Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic also publishes lists of graduates. In agreeing to the terms and conditions on our application or enrolment forms, you authorise the release of information as may be required.

Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic observes the Privacy Act 1993. You may request amendment of any errors in the information held by Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic about you.

At times, Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic captures photographs of its students. In agreeing to the terms and conditions in our application or enrolment form, you give Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic the right to use any photograph you may feature in, in any marketing material, including printed and digital. Any photographs taken will be used in a tasteful, relevant and culturally sensitive manner.

Definition of study terms


A self-contained block of study for which credits are granted upon successful completion.


A self-contained block of study or training or a combination of courses with which a student is required to be credited in order to be awarded a specified qualification.


A certificate, diploma, degree, conjoint degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma approved by the institute, ITPNZ, or NZQA.

For more explanations of academic terms see our academic terms explained information page. Back to top ^

Page last updated: 01 Sep 2017