Monitoring Work Practices in Food & Beverage Service

    Course details

    • Code: HOSP.4205
    • Fee: $1,092*
    • Level: 4
    • Credits: 20
    • EFTS: 0.1667
    • Subject: Culinary Arts and Patisserie
Study optionsFull-time
Time in class48 (approximate total hours)
Work experience80 (approximate total hours)
Offered (indicative)Semester 2
LocationRotorua (Mokoia), Tokoroa, Whakatane
Related programmes New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service (Level 4), Restaurant Services strand;
Applied Hospitality (Level 4);

Course Aim

Gain knowledge and skills in the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of food safety, health and safety, standard operating procedures, and service delivery within a food and beverage service environment.

Develop capability in assessing individual practice, team co‐operation and conflict, and customer service practices. You will also learn about common first aid conditions and responses.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain, monitor and maintain food contamination hazards, control methods and food safety programme implementation in a food and beverage service environment.
  2. Monitor and maintain the implementation of health, safety and security practices within food and beverage operations, and appropriately respond to hazards and incidents.
  3. Identify, describe and provide appropriate responses to common first aid and life threatening conditions.
  4. Relate the application of standard operating procedures to different work roles within a food and beverage service environment.
  5. Assess staff and customer interactions and communication to ensure service delivery outcomes and expectations are met.
  6. Outline ways to foster co‐operation, and manage conflict and stress within a team.
  7. Determine the effectiveness of workplace practices and service delivery for different roles within a food and beverage service environment.

Embedded unit standards or achievement standards

Title Code Level Credits
Demonstrate knowledge of food contamination hazards, and control methods used in a food business 168 3 4
Manage first aid in emergency situations 6400 3 2
Provide first aid 6401 2 1
Provide basic life support 6402 1 1

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