Diploma in Applied Sport & Exercise Leadership (Sport Management & Coaching)

Programme details

Translation Te Pōkairua Aarahi Tākaro Korikori (Kaiaarahitanga)
Code WR3080
Level 5
Credits 120
Duration 1 year
IntakesSemester 1
Study options Full-time, Part-time
LocationRotorua (Mokoia)
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Programme aim

Graduates in this programme will demonstrate a range of outcomes relevant to sports management and coaching. They will:

  • demonstrate an understanding of structural anatomy, physiology, nutrition and sports psychology and their application in a sport and exercise setting;
  • have an understanding of the theory and practice of sports coaching and/or management, demonstrate knowledge of exercise prescription and have a basic understanding of risk management and leadership in a safe and positive environment;
  • be able to apply the principles and methods of exercise training to design programmes that will enhance the achievement of the health and fitness goals for themselves and others, and have the ability to participate and practice at a highest level possible under the supervision of elite coaches;
  • have sound knowledge in a range of sport and recreation based topics, have demonstrated a commitment to attend, participate and monitor physical training based sessions (both theoretical and practical); and
  • have gained a good working knowledge of commonly available computer software packages and their utilisation in the learning and working environment.

Award information

To achieve the award of theDiploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership (Sport Management and Coaching), students must pass a total of 120 core credits.

Knowledge and skills you will gain

Graduates will be able to:

  • interpret concepts from a range of sport and related science disciplines (e.g., anatomy physiology, psychology and nutrition) and incorporate them into their sports management and coaching practice;
  • have a sound basic knowledge of sport science with a view to enhancing sporting performance;
  • understand and apply injury management and prevention principles;
  • apply commonly used training software in a heath and sporting context;
  • apply the basic principles of nutrition for people involved in physical activity and assist in the development of a nutritional programme to meet specific needs;
  • work cooperatively within a team or group;
  • gather, evaluate and apply information from a variety of sources to enable them to effectively become a sport, health and recreation practitioner;
  • have an overview of the New Zealand sport and fitness industry and identify employment and/or further education options available to them;
  • effectively research and analyse information from a variety of sources and communicate knowledge to others in a professional manner;
  • review their professional practice and the consequences of their decision-making, learn from experience, and identify actions and/or training pathways to improve their performance;
  • apply massage techniques and understand the use and benefits of massage;
  • be able to identify their own learning needs, develop the motivation to locate and acquire new skills and knowledge, and identify actions to improve their sporting performance; and
  • be effective team members, demonstrating trust and good communication skills.

Additionally, graduates will have the knowledge and skills in sports management and coaching to:

  • effectively coach and manage a team for a season and understand how that relates to the club structure that the team is part of;
  • participate in informal meetings and apply sports rules and regulations in a competitive sport situation; and
  • develop and manage recreational events, including tournaments.

Entry criteria

Admission and entry requirements for this qualification are in accordance with the academic regulations.

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Core courses

Course details
SPRT.5001 Psychological Skills Training: Whakamaatau Hinengaro Akoranga Puukenga
Students will be able to identify key attributes that contribute to the ideal sport performance state. They will be able to apply psychological skills training principles within a team and individual sporting context. Students will apply assessment analysis and evaluative processes to determine performance direction requirements. They will also develop...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
SPRT.5002 Applied Sport Nutrition: Kai Taakaro Whakamahi
Students will be able to articulate the body's metabolism in relation to sports nutrition. They will use research to identify nutritional strategies to formulate a menu plan that assist athletes when training, during competition and during the recovery phases of performance. Students will identify and discuss lifestyle related diseases and...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
SPRT.5003 Sport and Recreational Facility Management: Whakahaere Whakaurunga Taakaro Haakinakina
Students will be able to use a broad range of evidenced-based theory to the support application of management strategies that enable effective and safe operations of a sports and/or recreational facility.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
SPRT.5004 Sport in Aotearoa New Zealand: Taakaro Aotearoa
Students will apply beginning research skills to explore sports history, politics and socio-cultural influences of sports within Aotearoa New Zealand. They will define characteristics of professional and amateur sports status, explore the sporting climate and examine sustainable practices within the context of sports.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
SPRT.5005 Advanced Coaching Practice: Whakaharatau Kaiako Puukenga
Students will use research to define a coaching philosophy. They will develop knowledge of teaching and coaching strategies that supports progression in sports performance. Students will apply this knowledge within developmental coaching sessions and in an advanced coaching context. They will be able to adapt skills and knowledge to implement...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
SPRT.5006 Sport Sponsorship and Marketing: Taakaro Tautoko, Hokona
Students will be able to articulate and implement sports sponsorship processes with the aim of obtaining sponsorship endorsement, and develop knowledge of marketing and formulate a marketing strategy that uses an inter-related mix-promotional approach.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
SPRT.5007 Applied Principles of Leadership: Arahitanga Maataapono a Mahi
Students will develop leadership knowledge and skills that can be effectively applied within a relevant situation and/or sporting careers. They will have the opportunity to explore leadership within successful teams as well as design a leadership framework to support self-development.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
SPRT.6001 Sport Event Logistics: Taakaro Arotau Mahi
Students will develop knowledge and skills of conceptual thinking, strategic planning and tactical implementation of operational systems and procedures to achieve event and management performance outcomes.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1, June

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