New Zealand Certificate in Finger Jointing (Level 4)

This programme is for individuals within industry only

Programme details

Translation Pōkaitahi o Aotearoa Whakapiri Rākau (Pae 4)
Code NZ2311
Level 4
Credits 120
Duration 1 year
IntakesOn Demand, Industry
Study options Part-time
LocationWaipa (Rotorua)

Programme aim

Gain the advanced technical skills and knowledge required to operate as trade-level finger jointer operator within the solid wood manufacturing industry.

Students will learn how to be responsible for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of a finger jointing plant, without supervision. On completion of this programme, graduates will have experience troubleshooting and making decisions to maintain productivity in a finger jointing plant.

Knowledge and skills you will gain

Graduates will have the skills, knowledge and attributes to be able to:

  • grind and maintain a finger jointing cutterhead.
  • apply knowledge of calculations and the technical aspects of tooling and machinery relevant to operating a finger jointing machine.
  • inspect and maintain a finger jointing machine.
  • set up an edge-to-edge or face-to-face finger jointing machine.
  • coordinate in-feed, out-feed, production volume and shook quality for a finger jointing operation.
  • diagnose product and joint defects and implement corrective actions to meet production and quality requirements of a finger jointing operation.

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Compulsory courses

Code Title Level Credits
WPRO.4101 Grinding a Finger Jointer Cutter head 4 15
WPRO.4102 Maintain a Finger Joint Cutter head 4 10
WPRO.4103 Calculations for Wood Forming Machinery 4 10
WPRO.3106 Tooling and Machinery for Finger Jointing 3 10
WPRO.3109 Wood Forming Machine Maintenance 3 15
WPRO.4108 Coordination of Finger joint Operations 4 20
WPRO.4109 Finger Jointed Product Defects and Corrective Actions 4 25

Elective courses

Choose one of the following

Code Title Level Credits
WPRO.4106 Face-to-Face Finger Jointing 4 15
WPRO.4107 Edge-to-Edge Finger Jointing 4 15

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