Social & Community Services

Social and Community Services page banner The Social and Community Services sector is a big employer in New Zealand and is essential for maintaining the well-being and safety of New Zealanders. There are growing demands for more educated and skilled young people to enter the industries.

Early Childhood Programmes

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Children are curious about each and every thing they see around them. What children learn during childhood remains with them throughout their life so it is vital to impart them with important values, knowledge and skills from a very young age.
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Health Studies Programmes

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If you have an interest in other dimensions of wellness, healthcare and fitness, our health studies qualifications include areas of education for nurses and non-nurses alike. This could include infection prevention and control, health and rehabilitation, and health education. Our new applied sport certificate and diploma have already proven very popular for those interested in a career in sport management and coaching.
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Maori Studies Programmes

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With the settlement of Treaty of Waitangi claims, iwi are now custodians of very significant assets – economic, environmental and cultural. There is a strong demand for employees with experience in the area of Māori development both within the Waiariki rohe and throughout New Zealand, with seemingly endless career options for graduates who have a passion for the development of Māori people. Māori organisations will increasingly rely on competent managers, team leaders, mentors and staff at all levels in order to operate efficiently and successfully.
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Nursing Programmes

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Nursing is one of the fundamental professions in healthcare throughout the world. It can be a rewarding career both personally and professionally as it makes a difference in people’s lives. Registered nurses with experience are able to progress to senior nurse or nurse manager positions and specialise in areas such as aged care, community health, emergency care, perioperative, and more.
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Professional Mentoring Programmes

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We offer teaching staff and others in the tertiary education sector opportunities to gain skills and knowledge for tertiary education settings such as classrooms, lecture theatres, small group learning and a range of workshop and other practical settings.
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Social Work Programmes

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Social work is a profession devoted to helping people function to the best of their abilities. Social workers are people who care about others, want to make things better and relieve suffering, and who want their work to make a difference in society. This can mean providing therapy directly to people, linking people with community resources such as benefits or accommodation, or working for change to improve social conditions.
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Sports Programmes

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Understanding of structural anatomy, physiology, nutrition and sports psychology and their application in a sport and exercise setting.
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Tertiary Teaching Programmes

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Want to work with people who have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom? Teaching is a profession that allows you to work in an environment where you can really make a difference.
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